Amazing Dog Names Which Meaning Loyal and Faithful

                                     Dog Names meaning loyal and faithful
Hi, Guys if your dog is loyal and faithful and you are looking for a good name for him which means loyalty and faith, then in this post we will discuss some amazing name for your dog.

How do we find a good name for the dog?

Before we starting this post we are sharing something about to that How to we find a good name for our dog (Male and Female). I will suggest that if you are confused to find the right name for your dog.
The first thing you think about your dog's color, breed, size, nectar, qualities etc, then finds a name that defines your dog's. breed nectar, qualities. In this way, you can find a  good name for your male and female dog name.  

    Dog Names That’s Meaning Loyal (loyalty)

    Here we are sharing the top 20 Dog name that's meaning loyal and faithful and also about their country.    

    Name                    Country                    Means  

    1 Ettore:               Italian word for           Loyal
    2 Fido:                  Latin word                  Loyal
    3 Shield:               Celtic                         Loyal
    4 Damon:             Greek                         Loyal
    5 Zong:                Chinese                      Loyal
    6 Tadashi:            Japanese                     Loyal
    7 Amina:              Arab                           Loyal
    8 Leala:               French                        Loyal
    9 Nkechi:             Nigerian                      Loyal
    10 Dilys:              Welsh                         Loyal
    11 Zhen:             Chinese                       Loyal
    12 Shraddha:       Indian                         Faithful
    13 Nakia:            Arabic                          Faithful
    14 Mimi:             French                         Faithful Guard
    15 Lvy:                                                 Faithful”
    16 Emunah:                                          it’s means “Faith”
    17 Enid:                                                Faithful
    18 Dylan:                                              Faithful
    19 Abba:                                               Loyal
    20 Rasmi:          Arab                             Loyal 

    Male Dog Names That's Mean Loyal and Faithful

    Here we are sharing about top male dog names that are mean loyal and faithful so if your dog is male then you can choose a male name for your dog.

    1 Amnon Hebrew word for “Faithful”
    2 Damon, it’s Greek word it’s mean “Loyal”
    3 Dhruv it’s a Sanskrit word and it’s mean “Faithful”
    4 Hamza it’s an Arabic word and it’s mean “Steadfast”
    5 Kelept it is a Polynesian word and it mean “Faithful”
    6 Waren, it is German name meaning “Loyal”
    7 Zhen, it’s a Chinese word it's mean “Loyal”
    8 Constantine, it is a Latin word and it mean “Steadfast”
    9 Leal, it is an English word it means “Loyal”
    10 Sadiki it is Egyptian name and it’s mean “Faithful”
    11 Cal, it is French word it means “Faithful”
    12 Kostya it's Russian Word it's mean “Loyal”
    13 Adar it is Kurdish word Means “Loyal”
    14 Emin Turkish name it means “Reliable”
    15 Shield Celtic word means “Loyal”
    16 Thuy Vietnamese name “Loyal”
    17 Ettore it is Italian Translates into “Faithful”
    18 Jeong Korean it’s Means “Loyal”
    19 Besnick it is Albanian word it means “Loyal”
    20 Wafadar it is an Indian word it means “Loyal and Faithful”

     Dog Names meaning loyal and faithful

    Female Dog Names that mean Loyal and Faithful

    Here some female faithful names for your female dog so if your dog is female then choose the right name for your lovely dog. 

     Name                 Means                   Country

    1 Mimi                 Faithful                   French
    2 Amina              Loyal                      Arab
    3 Etel                 Faithful                   German
    4 Nkechi             Loyal                     Nigerian
    5 Tina                Loyal                      Valentina
    6 Leala               Loyal                      French
    7 Nagina             Noble                    Hebrew
    8 Fidella             Faithful                   Latin
    9 Kostya              Loyal                    Russian
    10 Shraddha        Faithful                 Indian
    11 Amina             Faithful                 Arabic
    12 Conni             Steadfast               Irish
    13 Fidela             Faithful                  Latin
    14 Shelbie           Loyal                     American
    15 Leya               Loyal and Faithful    Spanish

     Dog Names meaning loyal and faithful

    Male Dog Names That’s Meaning Protector

    if you are looking for a Protector name for your male dog then you can get some ideas from this post. 
     Name                Means                         Country

    1 Alois                Great Warrior                German
    2 Havard            Hight Protector
    3 Ale                 Protector                        Alejandro
    4 Duarte            Guardian                       Portuguese
    5 Reima            Protector                       Finnish origin
    6 Mimi              Faithful Guard                French
    7 Bes               Great Protector               Egyptian
    8 Sergio           Latin
    9 Jade              Power of Defender
    10 Flanders      Defender

    Female Dog Names That’s Meaning Protector

    if your dog is female then you can choose the right protector name for your female dog. 

    1 Dilys > True Protector > Welsh
    2 Thuy > Loyalty and Protector > Vietnamese
    3 Etel > Friend and Protector > German
    4 Alicia > Protective > Greek
    Arminda > Protector > Latin
    6 Alvira > Universal Protector > German
    7 Selma > Protector > German
    8 Edire > Guardian
    9 Alessandria > Protector > Italian
    10 Seziia > Loyal Protector > Russian

    TIP: You can also check Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to find a good name for your dog.

    I hope that you have found a Loyal and Faithful name for your dog in this post.
    If you also have an amazing name that you want to sire with us, then you can comment on us.

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